In today’s  crazy world there was a need for a balance between safe and legal gatherings and masses of people wanting some outlet of entertainment.  Where do people go?  The ingenuity of event professionals and the desire for people to gather  created the need to fill the void.

Re-enter the drive in….

As a recent spectator at a drive in, there are some key take-aways in-order to maximize your experience.  First things first: Read the Rules......
1) Food & Beverages - You may or may not be able to bring food, beverages and/or alcohol.  Also, there maybe a certain number of items that you can and cannot bring into the venue.  Many times, if the venue has its existing liquor license, it is against the law to bring outside alcohol to the event.
2) Arrive early - Typically cars may line up a hour or so before doors open.  Many places, the earlier cars get placement towards the front of the stage or screen.  However, if you have a larger vehicle, or lifted truck, you may be positioned toward the side or the rear not to obstruct views for the rest of the audience.  
3) Get Comfortable - Bring chairs, blankets, pillows, etc.  If you have an SUV or Truck, you maybe able to use the back of the vehicle to stage chairs and blankets to make it more comfortable.  
4) Tickets - Tickets for events can range from an entire car load, to a specific number people per car.  Tickets are normally digital and can be scanned as a qr code or similar from phone to scanning devise to limit direct contact.
5) Restrooms - the layout for restrooms should be more spread out to lessen the exposure of people walking through the crowd to the restrooms.  Restrooms should have cleaning and hand washing stations to reassure safe operation.

If you have any drive in experiences good or bad, share it with us on social media using the hashtag #soundskilzdrivein