Event Consulting & Security


Soundskilz is the best resource to assist you with your event planning questions.

The Soundskilz team boasts over 50 years COMBINEd experience in a variety of events over many different countries. The knowledge and experience we bring with us to a project can assist our clients by saving time, money and frustration. We consult on individual aspects of complete event concepts.

We can help you with:

  • Event production milestone checklist

  • Venue research & selection

  • Venue contract negotiation 

  • Budget development

  • Revenue forecasting and maximization


  • Sponsorship deck creation

  • Staffing needs

  • Rental referrals

  • Vendor procurement

  • Event layouTs

Event Security.jpg


Soundskilz provides to its clients a range of consulting options on event safety.  From hot spot analysis to emergency planning, Soundskilz can help provide you a risk assessment that you can use to enhance your event’s safety efforts.  

Some of our Event Safety Menu Options include:

  • Site Layout & Hot Spot Analysis 

  • Review “hotspot” areas in your layout plan to forecast future risks. 


  • Security Proposal

  • Propose security plan based on variety of analytical data to best secure your event within a given framework.

  • Ingress/Egress Planning

  • Prepare layout and systems for staff working ingress and egress areas of your event.

  • Safety Signage Plan

  • Design and implement a safety signage system to optimize visibility and safety knowledge.

  • Detailed Strategic Emergency Action Plan 

  • An entire book of all of the above plus emergency contact numbers, incident reporting system, detailing a threat procedure, and important key personnel.  Our EAP will leave you a report that you can share and edit as needed to help communicate your emergency procedures to all of your staff.